At Dasher Labs, here in Southampton (UK), our independent web design company seeks to deliver high quality and attractive website creations: completely functional and user-friendly business websites, as responsive on a mobile platform as on a conventional desktop.

To ensure successful search optimisation, what is usually referred to as SEO results, our team deploys advanced web tools. The latest software, the knowledge and experience of our team, and your cooperation – all contribute to create a contemporarily designed and informative website that is found quickly and easily by potential customers. We will design a strategy to help you in achieving your commercial objectives.


What We Create

While providing you with an engaging website design service, we also stress on the fact that security is a high priority for our development team. We are committed to building secure websites. With our secure and effective solutions, your e-Commerce site will be both user-friendly and attractive. You can access our support whenever you need.

How We can Help Your Business

We promise a better user experience on many devices through our fully responsive website design. This “future-proof” technique will make your website flexible so that the content looks good on all devices without having break points. Moreover, our Content Management Systems will allow you to change the design of your website at any time.